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The International Center of European Football is the world’s leading pro football academy, providing elite international youth players with the ultimate football preparation and academic experience, alongside highly regarded global organizations and partners. ICEF prepares talented international players for the highest level of competition while giving them concrete opportunities and exposure needed to be recruited by the best football clubs in Europe or around the world.

Ideally located in one of the safest and attractive region of Europe, in Evian, France, part of the Greater Geneva area, the International Center of European Football is surrounded by the Alps and Lake Geneva. The region is one of the ideal European destinations for sports, leisure and outdoor activities.

Professional football training and competitions are led by a highly rated coaching staff with UEFA and FFF licenses, while academic preparations are in partnership with leading educational institutions from middle school and high school to university degrees.

The International Center of European Football produces sharp, physically prepared, and mentally strong players capable of succeeding at the highest level of football in the world. This is achieved thanks to a unique, all-encompassing training program and methodology and access to high level competitions.

The professional methodology and philosophy implemented at the ICEF is based on the fundamentals of European excellence. This allows student-athletes to improve their performances on the field, shape their intelligence and vision of the game, and develop healthy routines and genuine skills.

The ICEF’s technical staff is present at every stage of players’ development and relies on a full staff of experts and specialists in all areas of soccer performance and preparation including sport science, strength and conditioning, mobility, physical therapy, mental preparation, psychology, nutrition, yoga and meditation, and medical treatment, to deliver an all-around professional preparation with a focus on personal development.

The programs are designed to meet age-specific objectives, leading to a superior understanding of the game. Student-athletes are therefore prepared for success at the highest level of football in the world

Le projet éducatif

By following intensive and internationally recognized programs based on the excellence of the European methodology, participants are challenged to level up their physical, tactical, and technical skills, while also developing their understanding and vision of the game to boost their performance in every possible match scenario.

The ICEF technical High-Performance Clinics integrate the six fundamentals of professional football:
- Mastery of technical skills
- Pursuit of top performance
- Commitment to physical preparation
- Mental conditioning and leadership
- Understanding and vision of the game
- Smart and responsible injury prevention

The key themes addressed at the High-Performance Clinics focus on player development. The training sessions are adapted according to the level as well as the position, with both a field player training program and a goalkeeper training program.

- Football IQ
- Analysis of strengths & weaknesses
- Physical development & strengthening
- Mental conditioning
- Individual analysis of players and report

- Formation implementation
- Offensive & defensive transitions
- Position-specific training sessions
- Set pieces

- Tactical study of professional teams
- Creation of highlight videos
- Video analysis (Training session preparation)

- Small-sided games
- Internal tournament

- Defending disadvantage drills & small-sided games
- Rondo
- Execution of offensive & defensive plays
- Specific technical skills: passing, dribbling, finishing

- Catching balls
- Diving
- Aerial situations
- Recovery techniques
- Positioning
- Dead ball and free kicks

- Mental conditioning featuring professional sport psychologist
- Career in football (featuring professional players, clubs scouts and technical football experts)
- Invisible training (nutrition/hydration, injury prevention, recovery)
- Highlight video creation and edition

- High-Performance Clinics participants receive a professional screening and assessment to be selected for the 10-month Pro Residency Academy.

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